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Chromium nighly build adds support for custom user stylesheets -- like shutup.css

I don't usually get into manual hacking on my web browsers -- like Firefox's about:config and userchrome.css or Opera's opera:config.That's why I initially wasn't all that interested in a change which landed in the Chromium nightly builds: custom user stylesheets.

Not until I decided to give it a go and dump in shutup.css -- the stylesheet Jason wrote about previously which mutes comments on loads of sites like YouTube and Digg. Ba-da-bing! After re-launching Chromium with the command line parameter added (--enable-user-stylesheet), all those *cough* insightful comments on YouTube videos are history!

If you're a DIY type and love hacking and customizing your browser, this is great news. Remember, it's in the Chromium nightly builds [download link] only for now -- but it could certainly hit the developer channel soon.

Not sure how to add a command line parameter to your Chrome or Chromium shortcut? Check our guide! Once that's done, head to your Chrome preferences folder (likely in %localappdata%\Chromium) and create a new folder in your Userdata\YourProfile folder called User Stylesheets. Create your custom.css file there and add your hacks!

One note: Chromium doesn't currently monitor the file for changes, so you'll have to exit and re-launch to see any edits you make after launching.

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