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Apple decrees death to "cookie-cutter" iPhone apps

When Apple caused a stir by removing thousands of sexually suggestive iPhone apps from its App Store, astute commentators noticed something unsexy that a lot of the apps had in common: they were practically cookie-cutter copies of one another. A lot of those apps were just different collections of bikini photos wrapped in identical user interfaces, and with no feature differentiation.

It seems that Apple isn't going to stand for that anymore.

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Apple's communications with software developers who sell templated iPhone apps, and the end is apparently nigh for applications that don't bring anything new to the table. On the list of potential casualties: branded RSS apps that are nothing but site feeds in shiny wrappers. These cookie-cutter apps haven't been pulled yet, but developers have been warned that they need to distinguish their software.

This sounds like nothing but good news to me. Either customers get improved apps, or the detritus of the App Store gets cleared away, making strong, innovative apps more visible. If I were running a cookie-cutter app factory right now, I'd be a little worried. On the other hand, smaller development houses should probably go out tonight and raise a glass to Apple for this new policy.

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