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Add volume and battery meters (and more!) to your Windows 7 superbar

We've covered a few Windows 7 friendly status indicators before -- like these two for monitoring your CPU and memory utilization. Another developer decided to have a go at his own version, and the results are pretty slick.

Five meters are available: power, volume, disk, CPU, and memory. The meters are very configurable, with options for custom colors, overlays, and whether or not to launch them at startup. Each one uses about 6MB of memory and no install is required -- just drop the .exe files somewhere on your hard drive and fire 'em up.

While I'm not one to keep a constant eye on things like CPU, ram, and diskspace (my Spider Sense usually kicks in when there's a problem on one of those fronts), the volume and battery indicators are handy. I especially like the nice, obvious mute indicator -- which leaves no doubt as to whether or not unwanted system sounds are going to disturb anyone nearby.

You can download the superbar meters from the developer's website.

[via The Windows Club]

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