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ReMail may live on - Google releases source

ReMail In what comes as a bit of a surprise move, Google has decided to open-source the code for ReMail, the iPhone app it recently purchased and retired from the App Store. Speculation at the time was that Google was killing the existing ReMail product as a way to gain a competitive advantage against Apple, but Google has maintained that they only removed it because they did not intend to continue supporting it.

With the release of the source code on Google Code under the Apache 2.0 license, Google is allowing enterprising developers the opportunity not only to resurrect a version of ReMail, but they are offering a base of solid email-handling code with which to build their own email applications.

Kudos to Google for not being evil, and let's hope someone out there sets out to re-release a version of ReMail on the App Store soon.
[via Technologizer]

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