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YouTube rolls out auto-transcript, LOLs ensue

YouTube auto-caption
There are already plenty of third-party apps that allow you to leverage the power of Google Translate for hilarity's sake. Translation Party, Google Translate Boomerang. They're always good for a "Mr. Sparkle"-esque chuckle.

But now -- thanks to Google rolling out automatic transcripts on YouTube -- you get your insipid translation giggles directly from the source!

Just have a look at Brad's awesome Nexus One unboxing video. I'm pretty sure the first time I watched it I missed the bit about Hilary Clinton. Thankfully, Google displayed it in clear, readable text so that wouldn't happen the second time around.

Don't get me wrong -- I lean on Google translate frequently for actual translation, and I love how it works. But I love how it doesn't work even more. Check out some vids and share your favorite mis-translates in the comments. Make sure to click the up arrow and turn CC on, or you'll miss out on the fun.

Winner gets the bill from my physical therapist when I fall off my drafting stool!

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