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WordPress blogs will update in real time, via PubSubHubbub

PubSubHubbub, the quickly-growing service that pushes out real-time updates to RSS feeds, continued its march toward ubiquity this week when uber-popular blogging platform WordPress started offering PubSub support. PubSub had already hit Tumblr, Posterous, Google's Blogger and more, but I think this is the move that finally takes it mainstream. (Well, as mainstream as anything having to do with RSS feeds can be).

There was already a plugin that could activate PubSub, but WordPress has released a new and official version, called PuSHPress. There are no plans to make it part of the core codebase for, but a plugin is a good start.

The even bigger news is that PubSubHubbub has come to, too. That's 10.5 MILLION blogs that just became equipped for real-time updates. If you're on, you don't have to configure anything - the new service has been turned on for you already.


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