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TradingSim lets you practice day trading (and I ask if it's any good)


TradingSim is an Flash-based day trading simulator. You can practice buying and selling all sorts of securities without involving (and risking) any money. Some might say I should have put this under our "time-wasters" category, but I think it can actually be a useful tool for people who are looking into day trading (that's how I found it).

The market for trading simulators (and training in day trading in general) is hectic, almost seedy. There is so much junk and hype, that it's very difficult to tell what's good and what's a scam. The key thing which makes me wonder about this tool is that I don't understand its business model. How do these guys plan to make money?

If any of our readers are active day traders, do share in the comments: What are the best tools you've used to practice "paper trading" (no money involved)?

Be warned, though: Since this is such a scammy subject, I will be particularly easy on the ban-hammer. No spammy links, whatsoever. Post only tools you've actually used and that you're not affiliated with.

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