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Picmeleo: a very pretty, but not functionally fantastic, embeddable Web 2.0 photo editor

Fortunately enough for our sensitivities the ooooh-it's-so-pretty-especially-the-reflections-but-what-does-it-do??? Web 2.0 craze has petered out. Only a couple of years ago you could hardly move for rounded corners and the godforsaken 'pop up dialog boxes'. Today, probably thanks to Google, sweet and simple websites are making a resurgence. But not over at Picmeleo, I'm afraid -- they're still into rounded corners, pop up boxes, reflections, drop shadows and the feedback tab on the left.

Picmeleo, if you're wondering, is an online photo editor. It's actually pretty good -- not world-changing, nor any better functionally than Picnik -- but it is embeddable. The Picmeleo site isn't actually for editing photos: it's for signing up. You then embed the editor on your own website, blog, or whatever -- and it works! It works well.

Some gripes about the editor though: no mouse scroll (I love mouse scroll in Google/Bing Maps!), no double click zoom (though page up/down and the arrows work OK), you can't drag the menus around, and most importantly, it's Flash -- Flash, in a rounded-corner pop-up box. Sorry... I just can't get over it.

Give it a go though -- the embeddability might be just what you're looking for.

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