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Mozilla crash proofs latest Firefox 3.7 alpha with out-of-process plugins

Hot on the heels of news that Flash is the most insecure and unstable element of the modern web browsing experience, the just-released Firefox 3.7 alpha 2 now loads plugins -- like Shockwave Flash -- into separate processes! Security and stability nerds rejoice!

It's not quite per-tab processes, nor have Firefox add-ons been shifted into their own processes, but... so what?! This is still a major advance and a great sign of what Mozilla has up its sleeve.

We shouldn't forget that this is actually a developer preview of Gecko 1.9.3, the rendering engine that'll be used in Firefox 3.7. This build not only included out-of-process plugins though: JavaScript and HTML5 performance has also been boosted. Some features aimed specifically at developers have also been pushed in, such as WebGL!

[FF 3.7a2: Windows download link / Mac download link]

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