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After dissing WinMo, Skype snuggles up to Symbian

While the Skype experience on Windows Mobile handsets was determined to be "unsatisfactory," phones running Nokia's SymbianOS (more than 200 million worldwide) now have access to the immensely popular VOIP app.

In an official blog posting, Skype's Peter Parks reports that the app is now available for download in Nokia's Ovi store and directly from Skype via this link. The app supports voice calling and SMS via wifi and 3G connections. Video calls aren't supported, however (not a big shocker).

You can also IM and share pictures and videos with your Skype contacts, and the app even supports importing contacts you have stored in your phone.

As the blog post points out, it's a great way to avoid roaming charges while you're on the road.

Only Nokia phones are officially supported at this point, but Skype says they'll be adding other brands -- like Sony Ericsson -- soon.

[via JKOntheRun]

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