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Welcome to Google, Kansas. No, it's not a new office... it's a town

As the last few vestiges of sanity left the rocky outcrops of Mayor Bill Bunten's brain, he decreed: "Let our fair city (formerly known as Topeka) henceforth be known by the mad moniker GOOGLE, KANSAS!!"

Just kidding; he didn't say that exactly (probably). But Topeka is going to be called Google, for the entire month of March. Why? you ask -- or cry, or wail -- well, it's obvious if you think about it: Google's Fiber for Communities. We covered it last month, but never did we expect to see whole damn cities courting corporate masters. I mean, we all know that deals are made behind closed doors, but... 'Welcome to Google, Kansas'... really?

I am now eagerly awaiting Microsoft, Mass., in some run-down district that can't afford word processing software in its schools -- or perhaps Photoshop, replacing Podunk in Michigan... it's only a matter of time. Damn sell-outs.

[via NY Times]

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