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Google Chrome 4.1 Beta adds auto-translate, basic NoScript, improved content controls

Those of you running Google Chrome's half-stable, half-dev-channel beta version now have access to two features which cropped up a while back on the developer and Chromium nightly builds.

Auto-translate has landed in Google Chrome Beta 4.1 for Windows, as has the improved content control panel in Chrome's wrench menu. If you're a grizzled Firefox vet and have been missing NoScript (or you've put off trying Chrome because of its absence), the new controls will be a welcome addition.

Head to options -> under the hood -> content settings, and click the JavaScript tab. You can then add domains to your allow and block lists, or even disable JavaScript entirely if you choose. It's not the same kind of control NoScript provides, but it's an excellent option for Chrome users and it's built right in.

The content panel also provides better control over cookies, images, plugins, and pop-up windows -- all of which can be blacklisted or whitelisted by domain as with scripts. Google has put together a short YouTube clip detailing the privacy-friendly features which you can view after the break.

To download the latest Google Chrome beta version, head over to this page. The full release details are available on Google's official blog post.

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