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Opera pumps out 4th 10.50 RC build as browser ballot screen goes live

While the count was at three release candidates in two days when I started checking my RSS feeds this morning, it's now up to four. Yes, Opera has dropped the beta tag and is feverishly working toward a final version of Opera 10.50 for Windows. Their site is literally buzzing with activity, from the message boards to the desktop team's blog.

Why the rush? What could possibly be so important about getting every little bug squashed ASAP?

Well, there's that browser ballot screen thing which is scheduled to start rolling out across Windows desktops in the EU today.

Opera 10.50 is leaps and bounds better than its predecessor, and the ballot screen should certainly increase awareness among the general public. The new browser is fast, looks good, and very user friendly -- so there's every reason for the Opera crew to try and get 10.50 into the hands of EU users stat.

New RC builds are popping up so quickly I'd advise just sitting tight and waiting for the final version at this point. The changelogs are getting shorter as bugs get fixed, so it won't be long before Opera signs off on 10.50.

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