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Geosense brings GPS-free location awareness to Windows 7

Two of my favorite Windows tinkerers -- Rafael Rivera and Long Zheng -- got tired of waiting for someone, somewhere to make use of Windows 7's cool, built-in sensor support. Rather than twiddle their thumbs like certain non-coders who are writing about them (read: me), they decided to do something about it.

Enter Geosense, a free download for Windows 7 which allows you to activate location awareness on your system without the need for GPS hardware.

Once it's installed, you'll be able to make use of geolocation features in various apps. Granted, the list is pretty short right now. The Geosense site only mentions MahTweets (a Twitter client), their own Google Maps demo app, and the built-in weather gadget in Windows 7.

Geosense works nicely, and I can't wait for location-aware apps to do things like automatically switch my default printer when I cart my laptop from home to work. Hopefully this will give app developers a kick in the pants and we'll see some more cool apps soon.

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