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Quicken Essentials for Mac shows's influence

Intuit's acquisition of (and hiring of Mint creator Aaron Patzer) made a big splash last September. Users bailed out of Mint, thinking that Intuit's corporate influence would have a negative impact on the site. What I didn't see coming was Mint and Patzer's influence on Intuit's flagship finance app, Quicken. The new Quicken Essentials for Mac has Mint written all over it.

As Ars Technica points out, this is the first new version of Quicken for Mac in 4 years, and it's coming out after blowing several previous deadlines. There's no online bill pay and there's no stock tracking (which might turn some users off), but there's also a big upside. The interface has been simplified and made more Mac-like (or, some might say, more Mint-like) and you can import and link financial data from thousands of banks and credit institutions.

The reason it's called Quicken Essentials, according to Patzer in a MacWorld interview, is because it delivers a nice implementation of the features which the majority of Quicken users consider, well, essential.

It does the things we liked about Mint, too: keeping tabs on your account, and giving an easy visual readout of your spending, by category. There's even a tag cloud. I'm not saying Quicken Essentials is perfect, or even complete, for all Mac users, but it's leaps and bounds beyond the previous version.

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