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Aza Raskin makes Ubiquity status clearer (still "back burner")

UbiquitySo I thought Ubiquity was dead. It turns out I wasn't wrong, and now the issue has been clarified with information directly from Mozilla.

Besides updating the main project page, Aza Raskin himself posted a reply to my original post. Some choice quotes:

Q: As to why Ubiquity is now at the point that it is – are you still the project lead for Ubiquty or have other Mozilla tasks pulled him elsewhere?

I'm currently working on Jetpack and Privacy Icons. In the next couple of months I will be focusing on a new project that incorporates some of the learnings from Ubiquity and Taskfox. Atul Varma is currently the lead architect for Jetpack, as its core was based upon Ubiquity. Jono Xia is now the lead developer for Test Pilot.

Also, some of the commenters to my original post said that Ubiquity is quiet because it's going to be included in Firefox. Not so!

Q: At one point Ubiquity – under the name 'taskfox' was going to be part of a mainline Firefox release (3.6 or 3.7). Is Taskfox now also 'ended' or is that a separate effort?

Taskfox is different than Ubiquity. Taskfox is integrated directly into the URL bar and has a simplified grammar. It's more accurate to think of Taskfox as a separate product which is Ubiquity-inspired, which has the potential to evolve towards a richer more Ubiquity-like interface.

Taskfox is currently undergoing user testing by the Firefox team, and there is no definite timetable for inclusion.

Aza answers some other questions, but I did not get an answer to the following question, though:

  • Where can I find new commands tailored for the 0.1 branch only? Currently it seems like they're jumbled together with the 0.5 commands -- or am I wrong about this?
The upshot of this is that Mozilla Labs have now taken better responsibility of the project, and communicated its status more clearly. I'd like to thank Aza Raskin and Jono Xia for taking the time to reply to my post.

One point which still must be fixed, in my opinion, is that upon installing Ubiquity, which is the one which "should" be used at this point, as it's updated for FF 3.6, you get a huge title saying "Upgrade to Ubiquity 0.5!". This would actually be a mistake, because 0.5 has not been updated to 3.6 and is stuck in perpetual "beta".

Don't upgrade

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