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DLS Answers: Sobees is a gorgeous desktop Facebook client

Sobees Lite

So I asked, and boy, did you guys answer! I got some very interesting and useful replies in my quest for a minimalistic desktop Facebook client.

I still have to follow up on a couple of your suggestions (FBCmd looks really interesting, and I'll write up a separate post about it), but commenter Shawn pointed me towards Sobees Lite, and I was very impressed.

Once upon a time, Sobees made widgets. Today I couldn't find a single word about widgets on their website (I did not dig very deep), but the client they make seems like a solid direction. It works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. I only tested it with Facebook, though.

It has little buttons down the left side that let you control what you want to see (everything, status updates only, images, etc). You can select one of several layouts or color schemes (two actually, black or blue), and it's all quite swanky. At least as posh as most Adobe Air applications, and it's not Air (which is a plus for me, because Air feels... bloated, for lack of a better word).

My biggest gripe with it is that you cannot make the Facebook avatars disappear. I know what my "friends" look like, thank you. No need to remind me on every single update. If only they had that one single feature, I would have kept using it. But as it is right now, each Facebook update takes up a ton of vertical space, and so my quest for a minimalistic client continues.

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