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Vispa does quick but advanced tweaking of Windows 7 and Vista

Ages ago, a friend of mine introduced me to xpy -- a handy tweaking app for more advanced (and possibly reckless) users of Windows XP. Its developer later crafted a Vista-compatible version called Vispa and has been updating it ever since.

Recent builds have added Windows 7 compatibility, and Vispa remains an awesome tweaking app. It's definitely not for casual users, though -- if this means you, check our one of the 7 tweaking apps for Windows 7 we covered a while back. If you know a bit more about the services running on your system, editing your registry, and reinstalling from scratch when you screw something up, then Vispa is for you.

There's no flashy interface -- just a laundry list of items you can enable and disable along with a drop-down menu with 6 preset configurations. Vispa is especially focused on background communications and can help you disable excess chatter between your system and Microsoft, Google, and Apple servers. Many of the usual system tweaks are available, like disabling low disk space warnings and error reporting, deleting the pagefile at shutdown, and more.

As with any tweaking app, it's a good idea to create a system restore point prior to applying Vispa's tweaks (or even imaging your system if you want to be extra-careful). The author also states that Vispa sometimes registers a false positive with certain antivirus apps, though Microsoft Security Essentials on my system gave it the thumbs-up.

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