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Ubuntu Music Store may feature automatic cloud and desktop sync

As Canonical continues work on Ubuntu 10.04, it's becoming more and more apparent that they're serious about delivering an OS with some serious consumer appeal. Ubuntu One -- Canonical's cloud sync service -- and the U1 Music Store will no doubt contribute to that appeal.

After showing us a handful of early screenshots of the Music Store, self-professed Ubuntu fanboy Popey has been digging again and discovered something interesting in Rythmbox, the distribution's default audio player.

During the installation of the Rythmbox U1 Music Store package, a hidden folder (~/.ubuntuone/musicstore) is created on the system and linked to Rythmbox's libraries. Popey believes that since you wouldn't normally expect a user to save files in a hidden location -- and since subfolders in the ubuntuone directory are synced via the Ubuntu One service -- that your audio downloads could be automatically stored to both your own hard drive and Canonical's cloud.

With Ubuntu One's web interface at the ready, you could theoretically be enjoying tunes purchased through the U1 store on any (and all) your systems with minimal fuss. Once the Ubuntu One desktop client makes its way onto Windows and Mac, the process should be even simpler.

It's a guessing game for now, but as Alpha 3 approaches and Canonical begins work on the Lucid Beta we'll start getting a better look at how (or if) Ubuntu One and the Music Store will work together.

Commenter Kyle has provided a screenshot which shows music as an option in Ubuntu One's sync settings:

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