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Google Reader goes realtime with PubSubHubBub support

RSS readers are a fantastic way to get news, but what if RSS just isn't fast enough for you? Well, Speed Racer, you'll love PubSubHubBub, the protocol that pushed new blog posts out to your reader, instead of waiting for your reader to come looking for them. The result: you get new posts from PubSub-enabled blogs in real time.

"But," you wonder, "what if my reader doesn't support PubSub?"

If your reader is the ever-popular Google Reader, it does as of a few days ago. We started noticing that posts from some blogs were ended up in Google Reader more quickly than usual, and it turns out that's because Google has officially turned on the real time firehose. Confirmation on this comes from ReadWriteWeb, who got the official word from Google.

PubSub-enabled blogs include RWW, of course, as well as some other major tech blogs and anything hosted on Tumblr, Posterous or Blogger. (We reported about Tumblr, Posterous and PubSub back in December). It's easy enough to turn on real-time publishing for your Wordpress blog -- just install the PubSub plugin.

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