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CodeOrgan plays your website's tune, and it sounds better than you'd expect

What does your website sound like? Now there's a new way to find out. I'm not talking about GeoCities-style autoplaying midis, here, I'm talking about CodeOrgan. CodeOrgan is a new web-based toy that turns the source code of your page into a synthesized jam. I expected it to do grievous damage to my ears, but CodeOrgan actually generates fairly listenable results.

The new theme song for, for example, is a perfectly respectable bunch of bleeps and bloops that would probably have Lil Jon raising a chalice full of crunk juice. is only about 3 seconds long, and sounds like a Windows startup sound with drums. sounds like a jam from some kind luau at the TechCrunch private island (no, Arrington doesn't really own an island. Yet.)

CodeOrgan is kind of like a horoscope: you can try to relate the music to the website it's based on, the way I just did, but there's really no connection. It's just about the site's 1s and 0s. Try out a few sites and let us know what you thought they sounded like in the comments.

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