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Ask DLS: best desktop Facebook client?


Today I tried doing something which seemed really simple at first glance: I set out to get a list of Facebook status updates on my desktop. Just the updates. No pictures, no pokes, no Farmville. I kind of wanted to be able to post replies, but that wasn't super-important.

And after spending quite a bit of time, I simply couldn't find anything worthy. I found Seesmic and TweetDeck. Beautiful looking applications, each taking over 100MB of RAM. Woah. Then I thought, "there must be a Windows 7 Gadget for something like this!". Looking through the (really lame) gadget gallery, I did find a few Facebook gadgets but they were all really lame. At this point I was so desperate I even tried installing the FriendBar Firefox add-on, which was just as cruddy I feared it would be.

And I know Microsoft has that Silverlight client which is supposed to be very cool, but again, it's a memory hog and total overkill for what I need. I just want to see the status updates scrolling on my desktop -- no more, no less. And I don't want it to take over 30MB of RAM.

At this point I turn to you, dear readers. I'm looking for something which is Windows-native, minimalistic, and actually works.

Any suggestions?

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