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Happy 20th birthday, Photoshop!

It's hard to picture life before Photoshop, but yes, some 20 years ago, Photoshop did not exist and photo manipulation was a matter of darkroom editing techniques and using complex sequences such as burn, dodge, fade, mask, which when used in Photoshop is a snap. Tomorrow is the 20th Anniversary of Photoshop, but the celebration is taking place around the world today.

Now that Photoshop is used as a verb in the English language, and probably countless other languages for that matter, it's easy to take for granted how much it has transformed the publishing industry and how it's editing tools allow us to view an alternative reality. It's probably reasonable to suggest that most published images are digitally manipulated in some way - models to look thinner, colors to be more intense, composition to appear more visually appealing, etc. The question becomes what is real, and what is fake?

Photoshop has had an interesting journey from its early days as a simple display program to a sophisticated digital image editing application with over 10 million users worldwide. Using its suite of tools, you can retouch images, add textures, crop images, build layers, add text and basically do everything to create stunning results. Adobe offers several levels of Photoshop, from the free, online image editing app,, to the advanced CS4 Extended, recommended for film, video and multimedia professionals.

If you want to join Photoshop's birthday celebration, there's a number of links for you to visit, below. If you want to comment on Twitter about the anniversary, add the tag #PS20. Additionally, Adobe TV has an excellent video, Startup Memories, to commemorate the impact Photoshop has had over the years and gets the original developers together to discuss the creation of the software.

Photoshop Facebook

Photoshop Twitter
National Association of Photoshop Professionals

Happy birthday Photoshop! Here's to at least another 20 more years!


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