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TAT Home adds a lot of eye candy, a little utility to Google Android

One of the things I like about the Google Android home screen is that it's easy to customize. You can arrange program shortcuts the way you like them and insert widgets for news, weather, search, and other functions. And if you run out of room or just want to use separate spaces for work tools, games, and phone-oriented apps, you get a few virtual workspaces. Just swipe to the left or right to switch screens.

But the designers at The Amazing Tribe have come up with an entirely new concept for an Android-based home screen. It's called TAT Home, and it's not available for download yet, but it may one day ship on a handset near you.

The program replaces the standard Android home page with a new interface that's heavy on the 3D. For instance, rather than swiping left or right to switch screens, you toggle through a series of full-screen widgets in a view that looks a bit like the Windows 7's Aero Flip interface.

The widgets include a contact organizer, message widget, alarm clock, and a video player that lets you find and play music without leaving your home screen/page. You can have multiple widgets per page, and you can drag and drop widgets between pages.

TAT Home is definitely one of those apps where a video is worth a few thousand words, so make sure to hit the play button on the video above. And let us know what you think. It's certainly attractive. But do you think it's useful?

[via Gizmodo]

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