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Google Goggles will be able to read and translate text in photos

Dang, I love augmented reality apps. The idea of point your phone's camera at anything and getting information about it just feels like the future to me. Well, Google just took us one step closer to that future, with a new version of Google Goggles that they demoed at the Mobile World Congress. The software will eventually be able to recognize text in photos (and translate it) in over 50 languages.

In the demo video (check it out after the jump), Google Goggles translates a German menu into English on the fly. Holy flying cars, Batman! Although German is the only supported language so far, Google is going for all 52 of the languages it supports in Google Translate. Google Goggles is currently only available on Android phones (you can get it from the Android Market).

[via Mashable]

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