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Glary Utilities updates to v2.2, adds undo features

Glary Utilities is an extremely popular free program, offering a whole slew of useful system maintenance and cleanup apps in a single package. The recent update to version 2.2 introduces a small -- but very welcome -- addition to the suite.

Glary's shortcuts fixer and empty folder finder now offer a restore function. That's good news if you've ever accidentally removed an empty folder required by a game or app and struggled with re-creating it in the right location. If you should remove something important, just click the restore button and Glary pops up a window listing your recent actions -- select the one you need, restore it, and you're back in business!

You can download the new version of Glary Utilities from the official website -- the slim version (toolbar free) is recommended, and there's also a portable version for your USB flash drive.

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