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The next step in virtual tree hugging with the Green Map iPhone app

Writing a 'green' story without showing bias towards either contentious camp of weird-beards is about as hard as it gets for a humble blogger -- but I have to try. After all, Download Squad is all about downloads, right? We might be heading for a brutal ice age or sweaty apocalypse -- but either way, even if humanity is near its end, the downloads must go on!

And so I give you Green Map, which is both a mapping project and a free iPhone app. The project itself is all about creating (you guessed it), green maps -- maps of everything green in a given neighborhood or city. Composting sites for example, or projects/sites that are making creative use of green technologies. The app utilizes these maps (they cover 600 cities in 55 countries) so that you can ask 'What's Green Nearby?' Your iPhone then points you in the direction of some green endeavor for you to see, or sponsor or... whatever green people do.

The irony is, I can't review the actual functionality of the app because I refuse to buy an iPhone 'just for the cool apps'. I don't ever want to hear that I'm not conscientious of my carbon footprint!

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