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pyLoad, lightweight and powerful one-click hoster download manager

This tiny tool will definitely catch your eye of interest if you're downloading a lot of files from Rapidshare, Megaupload or hotfiles: pyLoad, entirely written in Python, is a download manager available for GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and most interestingly for routers!

Its functionality is similar to JDownloader with the aim to be extrem lightweight and stable to run smooth on servers or hardware routers. As of now there are several tutorials available to install pyLoad on a Buffalo Linkstation Live or ASUS router. Once installed downloads can be added and controlled via a GUI, Terminal or web interface from wherever you are.

It supports all one-click hoster "waiting time" and CAPTCHA recognitions, enabling batch downloads without user input. One-click hoster Premium users have the added advantage of using multiple connections per downloaded file, without any waiting time. Furthermore it supports link decrypter as well as all important container formats.

pyLoad is definitely worth a look and easily replaced JDownloader on my system. The latest stable version is available for download here. If you're a Linux user Python comes with your system from the box, Windows and Mac users should follow the install instructions from the official pyLoad wiki.

Tags: jdownloader, pyload, rapidshare