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Google makes it easier to fully turn off Buzz and delete your profile

Sure, there may be all sorts of ways to minimize the spamminess of Google Buzz -- I walked through some of them on this blog a few days ago -- but now there's a fast way to fully disable it. You can delete your profile, remove all the people you follow, disconnect all your other profiles (like Reader), and never see Buzz again. All you have to do is find that little "turn Buzz off" link at the bottom of the Gmail page.

Previously, this just hid Buzz in Gmail. Now, it gives you the option to either hide it or shut it off altogether (even on the mobile version of If you ever decide you want to show it or re-enable it, you can just click on "turn Buzz on" in the same location at the bottom of Gmail. When you reactivate Buzz, you'll have to remake your profile and start following people again, although your followers will remain intact.

[via CNET]

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