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Full user profile sync coming to Google Chrome?

Like tabs and private browsing modes, preference sync has become a pervasive feature in modern web browsers. Opera has shipped with Link for quite some time. Maxthon has it. Firefox doesn't include profile sync by default, but Mozilla did recently put the finishing touches on Weave 1.0 -- which adds the functionality.

...And Google Chrome users can already sync their bookmarks. That's only a portion of what makes your browser yours, of course, and Google's developers are well aware of that fact.

Soon, you may very well be able to sync much more -- like your 'wrench menu' preferences and theme. In recent Chromium nightly builds, code has landed which will extend sync capabilities beyond bookmarks. Keeping multiple Chrome installs in sync will be critical once Chrome OS devices hit the market later this year, since it will allow you to jump seamlessly between your desktop and mobile OS.

I'd expect a GUI to be added at some point which will allow you to specify what you want to sync. I wouldn't necessarily want the same extensions on all my machines, for example. A pop-up calculator extension is handy on Chrome OS, but I can certainly do without it on my Windows 7 system.

It could be a while before this code lands on even the developer channel of Google Chrome, or it may never come. Or it could -- as was the case with built-in translation -- make the jump in a matter of days.

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