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EveryScape provides Google Street View -like tours inside points of interest

House of Blues in Boston

A few days ago I posted something about Google planning to take Street View to businesses to let you look at them from the inside. Commenter Neil let me know that this sort of thing already exists commercially and pointed me towards EveryScape.

And indeed, I think this is probably what Google have in mind with the Street View pilot. You start off on a city street and then use 3d-looking arrow icons to navigate. Some of the arrows appear next to businesses -- once you click one of those, you find yourself inside that business, wandering around the hallways.

The browsing experience is not as good as Google's -- they seem to be using older technology which is pretty clunky, but it's a fun way to waste a few minutes. Everyscape isn't everywhere yet, but there is a list of 45 cities to choose from which includes Austin, New York, San Francisco,Washington D.C., Beijing, and Krakow. I enjoyed a quick tour around Boston, where Everyscape offers over 100 businesses you can peer into -- including Cheers!

[Thanks, Neil!]

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