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Is Yahoo! Mail working on a little Buzz of its own?

In a completely unrelated Yahoo! Mail Blog post about Valentine greetings, the developers at Yahoo might be hinting (inadvertently?) at social network integration in the pipeline.

It's just a screenshot, but 'My Social Networks' doesn't seem to exist on current Yahoo email accounts, nor does it make an appearance in the Application Gallery -- so what is it?

My guess is that Yahoo are about to leverage their huge (but waning) number of users to get in on the Facebook/Google Buzz game. You can presume that 'Update Status' will link in to a bunch of networks (like, so you'll be able to update Facebook, Twitter (and Buzz?) from inside Yahoo Mail.

As to what 'My Social Networks' is... it's probably something very like Buzz. But I imagine we'll find out soon enough -- or not, if I'm completely off the mark.

[thanks to Adam for the tip!]

Update: the app is available, but only to some users in Europe.

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