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Moblin, Maemo merge to form light weight Linux for netbooks, handhelds

Moblin Linux is the light-weight Linux distribution Intel developed to run on low power netbooks with small screens and Intel Atom processors. Maemo is the light weight Linux distribution that Nokia developed to run on its handheld internet tablets including the Nokia N900 and N810. Or at least that was true yesterday. Today, the two companies announced that they're merging the projects to create one new light weight Linux-based platform for netbooks, mobile devices, and other hardware. It's called MeeGo.

The idea is to optimize the software to work with as many devices as possible including netbooks, tablets, phones, automobile entertainment systems, and even internet-connected televisions. The partnership is still pretty young and the closest thing I can find to a screenshot on the MeeGo website is under the Netbook section where we see an image of an OS that looks an awful lot like Moblin and not much like Maemo. The connected TV, In-Vehicle, and Media phone images all feature a vague, blurry picture that doesn't really show us anything.

We should see the first release of MeeGo in the second quarter of 2010. Applications from the Intel AppUp Center and Nokia Ovi Store should be able to run on the platform. The Linux Foundation will be hosting the project.


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