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Naymz offers competition to LinkedIn

NaymzeWhen you woke up this morning, I bet the first thing you said to yourself was, "gee, I wish there were more social networks I could join." Okay, probably not. But like it or not, they're popping up all over the web.

There's a new social network worth having a look at called Naymz, which is setting itself up to compete against LinkedIn in the career social networking market. It's going to be a tough uphill battle, given how entrenched LinkedIn already is.

Naymz has all the features you'd expect, like microblogging and identity aggregation, but it also brings a few new tricks to the table. Naymz has a reputation scoring system that is powered by assessments that your contacts fill out about you, and includes the ability to watch what is being said about you online that could be affecting your reputation.

The reputation system is the most compelling feature of Naymz, but also the most troublesome; will users risk using a professional social network that could potentially paint them in a not-so-good light? Will they use one that requires them to answer a questionnaire about everyone they connect with (albeit a brief one)? Will you?

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