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Aviary's powerful web-based image editing tools turn free

Aviary, the cool web-based suite of image editing tools -- and more -- now costs nothing to use. Thanks to a new round of funding, full access to the web apps with the funky bird names no longer costs $24.99. All subscribers who signed up in the past month will get refunds, and previous subscribers will no longer be billed, according to TechCrunch.

Aviary's competition is the extremely pricey -- although extremely powerful -- Adobe Creative Suite. While it might not replace the desktop version of Photoshop for power users, the combination of Aviary's Phoenix image editor and Peacock effects editor should get the job for most people. It certainly beats the web-based, which imposes a 2GB file size limit on free users.

Aviary's other tools include a vector editor, a color palette editor, and even a new audio app called Myna. Hopefully, the price will be right for a lot of new users to take the suite out for a test flight.

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