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PortableApps adds multiple profile support to Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird

The PortableApps suite has always been one of the most popular (and useful) downloads around for your USB flash drive. Yesterday, project lead John T. Haller announced the addition of multiple profile support to the suite's trio of Mozilla apps -- Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird.

Adding multiple profile support is as simple as running an additional PortableApps .paf.exe for each app (here's the one for Firefox, for example). A second launcher is created which defaults to your additional profile.

I've set up a second profile for my work-related browsing -- that way I don't have to load up all my personal data whenever I launch Portable Firefox on a customer's machine to download or browse. It's also a good way to ensure no one finds out that my last active tab was Habbo Hotel...

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