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Your Facebook friends list is coming to AOL Instant Messenger

AOL and Facebook have just announced one of the biggest and most useful social networking partnerships to hit the Internet since ... well, ever. Now, instead of having to use Facebook Chat -- which is frankly kind of clunky and obnoxious -- you'll be able to chat with all your Facebook buddies via AOL Instant Messenger. It's peanut butter meets jelly! Friends list meets buddy list! AIM meets Facebook Chat!

The New York Times astutely points out that AIM and Facebook contact lists have historically been fairly closed off, although some multi-protocol chat clients (like Adium) have supported both. It's a great partnership for both companies, though, because Facebook desperately needs a better chat experience, and AOL needs a gateway for more users to try out its other services.

What do you think, DLS readers? Are you glad to see Facebook's social graph getting pulled into AIM?


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