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BashFlash keeps an eye on Flash and can kill it if it gets out of hand

BashFlashFlash is a much-maligned technology as of late, but for good reason! In as much as it helped usher the web forward with a standard way to present streaming video, its performance issues are a huge step backwards, particularly for mobile users.

A great solution that we've previously discussed is Click To Flash, but part of the reason it's a good solution is that it lets you start the embedded flash players when you want to. Once they're running, though, you can still run into trouble.

BashFlash is a new tool for users of 64-bit Safari that will monitor any running Flash processes, and notify you if it is starting to eat up too many CPU cycles by turning its menubar icon red. You can then click on the icon and choose whether you'd like to kill the offending Flash process. Obviously if you're watching a video you may want to leave it running, but if you're on battery power and some banner on a tab you're not even looking at is misbehaving, BashFlash could be a life (and battery) saver.

Unfortunately, BashFlash will only work for users of 64-bit Safari in Snow Leopard as it is the only version of Safari that has the Flash process separated from the browser's process. Chrome has a similar trick to prevent Flash from taking down the browser, but there's no indication on BashFlash's page that Chrome support is being considered.

[via Daring Fireball]


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