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Verizon blocks 4Chan for mobile users, asks for trouble

Of all the sites a major mobile ISP could block, Verizon has probably picked the worst. Verizon mobile customers have found themselves unable to access 4Chan's infamous prank-filled, NSFW image board, /b/, and the ISP won't say why. 4Chan's founder, Moot, has even been unable to get a straight answer about the block. However, it's been confirmed that this was an intentional move by Verizon. At this point, it's only affecting Verizon's mobile customers, so you should still be able to see 4Chan using your home Internet connection.

This seems to be an utterly dumb move on Verizon's part. First, it opens them up to accusations of censorship. Why ban one specific site? There might be a reason, but Verizon's not giving it. Granted, 4Chan is known for occasional child pornography threads, but it tends to do a good job of self-policing those and deleting the offending materials ASAP. If that's the reason, Verizon isn't saying so.

The second reason an ISP might not want to mess with 4Chan is because bad (and sometimes hilarious) things tend to happen to those who do. There's an entire section of the 4Chan Wikipedia entry dedicated to 4Chan's various "Internet attacks." They might not be "hackers on steroids," despite one laughable TV news report to the contrary, but they're very good at posting porn in places you really don't expect to find it. It'll be interesting to see if there's any retaliation against Verizon, or if the block is peaceably lifted.

Update: Verizon will reportedly be unblocking 4Chan soon, if it hasn't happened already.

[via ReadWriteWeb]

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