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Universal sues Grooveshark music service

Grooveshark is a fantastic music service; it lets you immediately listen to almost any song or album you can think of. They've got an enormous library, and the quality is usually decent. We've covered it before, but what makes it special for me is that it is actually one of the few services that work in my geotarded neck of the woods (no Hulu or Spotify for me).

And now, Universal Music Group is suing Grooveshark. This is also not the first lawsuit they're facing, so they probably know the drill by now (they've reached a settlement with EMI).

Incidentally, do you think this has anything to do with Universal's new Vevo service, inspired by Hulu? I'm sure it's just a coincidence. I would tell you what Vevo is like, but I can't because it is "not currently available in my country". Go Universal, I love you guys.

[Thanks, Mark!]

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