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Listary spruces up Windows find-as-you-type

Here's a Windows tip for you, in case you didn't already know it: If you open up an Explorer window and start typing up the first few letters of a folder or filename, selection will immediately jump there. It's magical!

Apparently quite a few people don't know this trick, or at least that's what Listary developers seem to think. Listary takes this feature and basically puts a little UI on it. Now, when you type, you'll see what you typed, as well as autocompletion suggestions you can tab through.

Listary doesn't work only in Explorer, but in all sorts of other system dialogs and file browsers. But then again, when I tested it, this feature was natively available on Regedit.exe and in the standard File Open dialog too.

The application's "Pro" version gets slightly more interesting with the addition of wildcards and regex, which is actually not something already built into Windows. To use that "Pro" functionality you're going to have to shell out $19.95, which seems a bit steep for a fancy listbox, if you ask me.

[Thanks, Jacob!]

Tags: shareware, utilities, windows