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Amazon restores Macmillan books, becomes eBook middleman for publishers

Just days after decided to stop selling all books by Macmillan and its imprints, the online book giant has relented and added buy buttons back to Macmillan titles. The publisher vs. retailer dispute arose when Macmillan wanted to raise prices on its eBooks to $15, which is well over what Amazon currently charges (and, arguably, more than consumers will pay). You can get the details of the original dispute in an earlier post by Download Squad's Brad Linder.

For now, the details of the resolution aren't being made public, but Amazon has said it will allow major publishers to switch to an "agency" model for eBook sales. That means publishers like Macmillan and HarperCollins can sell you their eBooks directly, at whatever prices they wish, and Amazon will act as the middleman and take a 30% commission. The New York Times speculates that Amazon also asked the publishers not to make exclusive deals with other eBook vendors, like Apple's upcoming eBook store.

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