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Social Media and Young Adults report shows teen blogging on the decline

Social Media and Young AdultsPew Internet released a report yesterday called Social Media and Young Adults that shows teen blogging down by 50% over the past four years, even as blogging increased among those over 30 years old.

The report also shows that teens are not very likely to be Twitter users (only 8% of internet users between the ages of 12 and 17 report using the service), even though they are heavy users of almost all other online applications; in fact, 73% of "wired American teens" are social networking website users. Twitter seems to stick out as a service that younger people are not as interested in.

Interestingly, even as MySpace popularity wanes overall, young people are still almost double as likely to maintain a profile there as are older adults, who have moved on to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The report's summary has a ton of other interesting statistics about social network and wireless usage, which as Mashable points out, seems to indicate that teens just don't seem to be very interested in content creation, compared to adults. This seems somewhat counterintuitive, but you can't argue with the numbers.


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