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Facebook 'doppelganger' craze is illegal

celebrity doppelganger week on Facebook
Yup, through the wonders of copyright law, the doppelgänger meme currently sweeping across Facebook is actually illegal and breaks the Facebook terms of service.

If you don't use Facebook (??), or you haven't logged in during the past week, the 'doppelganger' thing is all about replacing your profile photo with your celebrity look-alike. Harmless, you might think, but the Facebook TOS strictly forbids the uploading of copyrighted images and artwork that you don't have permission to use.

Speaking to CNET, a spokeswoman from Facebook said: "Users are responsible for the content they post, but as always, Facebook will respond to requests for removal that it receives from copyright holders. In this case, we have received no such requests." Curious -- publishers and media outlets are usually all too zealous to stamp down on copyright infringement.

The copyright lords gave, and the copyright lords hath taken away...

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