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Google discontinuing FTP support for Blogger blogs

Blogger no FTP

Love it or hate it, Blogger was the tool that really brought blogging into the mainstream. Once upon a time, the only way to have your blog hosted on your own domain was to use Blogger as the content management system, but then have it use FTP to push HTML pages to your web host.

Fast forward to 2010, and it turns out that only half of one percent of Blogger's users are using Blogger's FTP upload ability, but maintaining that functionality is consuming considerably more than that percentage of Blogger's engineering resources. Worse, Google is dropping the infrastructure that Blogger uses to push out FTP updates, which would then require a complete rewrite of the code that handles Blogger's FTP processing.

So, Google has decided to drop FTP support from Blogger. Though the numbers clearly show that overall it's not that popular, I think some people still think Blogger's killer feature is the ability to FTP plain HTML files.

The one saving grace is that if you are currently hosting a site that is updated by Blogger with FTP, you're not going to lose anything except the ability to continue to update the site - if it's an old site, it will keep on keepin' on. That's the beauty of HTML files. If you are still actively blogging, however, you'll want to check out the new Blogger FTP blog they've set up to try to help migrate users to their custom domains solution.


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