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Daytum lets you track almost anything

DaytumNick Felton likes numbers. I mean, he really, really likes numbers. He's the guy that publishes an annual report on his life. So yeah, numbers.

He also created a tool that we briefly mentioned awhile back called Daytum. Daytum is a web application that lets you set up any number of various displays tracking virtually anything you want, and presents it in a beautiful way.

Daytum is a great tool for goal tracking. For example, maybe you want to track how many minutes you run every day, or how many push-ups you've done. Or, if you're Merlin Mann, you can track everything related to writing a book, including your maximum number of words written in a session and your average words per day.

The point is, anything you can think of can be tracked. Daytum includes the ability to create lists, charts, averages, time statistics, and even the latest, largest, or smallest entry.

Are you already using Daytum? Tell us how in the comments.


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