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How to turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into an "iPad"

iPad mod for iPhone and iPod TouchiPad fever seems to have gripped the iNation. If looking at your diminutive iPhone or iPod Touch is getting you down, and you wish you could be stroking a beautiful new iPad, maybe the mod described at Redmond Pie will tide you over.

Modifying the iPhone operating system isn't possible unless you jailbreak your device, but once you do a huge number of possible modifications are available. For this particular makeover Redmond Pie suggest installing the following apps from both Cydia (the jailbroken app installer) and Apple's App Store:

  • Winterboard app via Cydia
  • "Simple iPad Theme" via Cydia
  • MakeItMine app via Cydia to Change the Carrier logo to iPad.
  • Shrink app via Cydia to reduce the size of all the icons on the springboard.
  • ProSwitcher via Cydia for Multitasking.
  • NYTimes - The New York Times app for iPhone via App Store
  • Classics - The iBooks lookalike app for iPhone via App Store
  • Kindle for iPhone via App Store

For more details including a video of what the completed mod looks like, head on over to the post at Redmond Pie.


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