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Download sexy all-glass gadgets for your Vista or Windows 7 desktop

Looking for some fun, useful gadgets for your Windows 7 or Vista desktop? Sebastian compiled a list for the Windows 7 launch, and the crew at Into Windows have now shared a slick set of 14 which are dressed up (or is that undressed?) in transparent Aero Glass sexiness!

The pack includes replacements for many of the common non-transparent gadgets like the Calendar, clock, CPU and bandwidth meters, recycle bin and mail status, radio, weather, notes, and system controls.

I'm not always that keen on the glass effect -- and I know from past comments that many Download Squad readers aren't big fans either -- but these gadgets really do look quite good on the right wallpapers. Dark images in particular provide a nice backdrop.

If glass is your thing, go download the Chameleon Glass set from gersma on DeviantArt.

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