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Google Email Uploader: upload email from your Mac to Google Apps

Signing up for Google Apps for your domain is a pretty sweet deal, but there's still the matter of your current email account, and all the messages that come with it. Fortunately, Google has anticipated the demise of your old email account, and taken the liberty of planning for its future. Email packrats who run Windows have had access to a Google Email Uploader tool for some time, and now there's a Mac version that lets you easily dump your old email into your new Google Apps account.

The biggest caveat here is that we're not talking about uploading to a Gmail account. Google Email Uploader only works with Google Apps email (i.e. POP3 and IMAP). Other than that, it couldn't be easier to upload messages from your Mac - assuming you're running a popular mail client like Apple Mail, Eudora or Thunderbird. A warning, though: due to server rate limits, you might want to upload 500 messages or fewer at a time, because performance will lag significantly on large batches.

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