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After the Deadline grammar, spell check addon for Firefox is a writer's best friend

After the Deadline has been mentioned before here on Download Squad. In September of 2009, Automattic (the company behind WordPress) acquired ATD and promptly integrated it into their wildly popular blogging platform.

If you do any writing anywhere on the web and you're using Firefox, you'll be glad to know that the After the Deadline add-on has hit version 1.0 and should be shedding Mozilla's experimental tag very soon.

In case you're not familiar with it, ATD is a brilliant proofreading tool. It can handle everything from common typos to misused punctuation, redundancies, double negatives, and other grammatical gaffs.

Install the Firefox add-on and you can tap its proofreading powers virtually anywhere you can type. It's well worth adding to your writer's toolbox even if you are a master of the written word -- it never hurts to have backup, after all!

Curious what goes on behind the scenes? Check out this recent blogpost which describes in gloriously geeky detail how ATD comes up with spelling suggestions.

Want to see the ATD add-on in action? Take the jump, and check out the video from the WordPress crew!

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